Thank you again, my brother, for your honesty, vulnerability, and humility.

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It baffles me how God’s orchestration operates and penetrates barriers to express long forgotten, “minute” aspects of Truth at the exact moment and time a person’s “soil” is ready to receive them.

In the mere act of attempting to die to yourself Steve and putting to light the subliminal playground, as Orthodox Christian servants, we’ve fallen prey to, you are really guiding a servant/s to self awareness -- and defacto humility.

Another nugget, I learn from every post is how powerful it is to clearly and effectively communicate all the ideas that one has.

May God continue to guide you in peace to the end Steve, at-least for our sake 😂

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Regarding identity and career: there is a great lecture by Fr Maximos Constas available for free on Patristic Nectar for download ("Work While it is Still Light").


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I recently left the GOA. One of the last straws occurred when a metropolitan came to our parish and asked for help for Greece, our "mother" homeland. He later said in response to a question that the Government took care of hospitals and other needs, not the Church, and we should help our Greeks. Ignoring, of course, Catholic, Baptist, etc hospitals and care facilities. The worldliness, the money, the status, no more.

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I think that question about assistance might more closely connect with our view of community. We see community as a thing that's defined along ideological or ethnic or organizational lines, so that people halfway around the world are our "people" in a way that folk down the street aren't.

And I'd also offer that jurisdictional descriptions can only go so far (especially when we're trying to suggest this jurisdiction is particularly "good" or that one is particularly "problematic").

As Solzhenitsyn said, "The line separating good and evil passes ...right through every human heart -- and through all human hearts."

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